I have already received summer coursework before uni starts. So I thought I would share this coursework with you probably first and last time since I won’t have time to show every project and coursework with you when I start. I expect a lot of these in the future 3 years. 

I received an email from my professors saying this: 


The Design School – BA Product & Furniture / Summer 2017

Young designers! You are going to be joining a vibrant creative and eager group of fellow students ready to embark on a life-changing journey into the real design world. To get you started we want you to absorb and experiencing “design” in all its forms around you! 
The following are a list of activities we would like you Do, Experience and Capture before you start at Kingston.

Go to a range of exhibitions, events, shows- 
Get a sketchbook and start sketching! Draw what you find exciting start capturing insight and ideas! 

Build Something
Make something useful for a specific friend or family member! 
Use any materials at hand to build models & prototypes, take pictures of it, bring it along if not too big! 

Start to collect materials that inspire you and your work! 
Natural materials? Emotional connections, sensations, new interesting opportunities? 

Select 2 examples of what you perceive as “good” design? 
Maybe something you saw in the street or shop or found in a book, or something you own? 

A business card for your own company! 
Make a handful of cards and invent your own company name. 

You will be sharing and discussing these personal activities when we meet at Welcome Week. Please prepare a: 2min presentation/ sum up of the summer activities above. 


I have already done most of it but need to build some things. I am very excited to be building, making and creating soon! 


Coat MONKI / Dress &otherstories / slip-in sandals H&M  / Bag Mulberry (similar

Here is one out of two outfits I wore at the wedding a couple of weeks ago. I, of course, forgot to take pictures of my evening outfit, even though that outfit was the nicest of the two. I suppose that happens when you are having fun celebrating love


This outfit is super basic, as I always like it and of course monochrome. I have been on the hunt for an outfit I would feel festive enough in as well as comfortable. choosing a dress is different for me but I fell in love with this one! 

The dress I wore in the evening as well, but with different shoes, my hair down, different makeup as well as extra accessories. all with a theme of red. I had a red smokey eye, dark nude/pale pink heels, and red jewellery


A whole year has gone since I posted the first playlist on here. A lot of things has happened and this time the playlist is full of sentimental and calm songs for me to dwell my feelings in and to calm down to while I move.

I imagine having unpacked my tiny little room with all of my stuff from me and Matt’s place and all the new things from Ikea and listen to the playlist while I make myself as much home in my home. Or biking to work or school through my new neighbourhood with the music blasting in my ears! 

Anyway here is the playlist, make sure to have a look at the other published playlists I have got as well! 

white big.jpg

I have not shared with you the facts about my move, where I will live and when I will actually move so I thought I would mention everything in one big post. 

  • I will be moving on the 14th of September and will have 4 days to settle down before starting my introduction week at Uni on the 18th.
  • I will be living in Student Accommodation 5 minutes away from campus and will be living with 2 girls, one from Norway studying radio journalism and one from south London studying biological science. I have my own toilet and bedroom and will be sharing the kitchen with the two girls.
    I have decided to live in student accommodation because I need to have a secure base and know how the real estate market in London works or rather doesn't work. It is also the best way of making new friends and get a good new network.
  • Matt will help me moving in and will be staying with me until I start uni. I have decided that this will be the best thing for me to have an easier transition. Also, Matt is such a big part of my life, so I might as well just let everyone know who he is!
  • The bedroom is tiny and will be fully furnished, I am not allowed to hang anything on the walls or to move the furniture around. This scares the shit out of me but I will make sure to make it as homely as possible. I am thinking about making a before and after blogpost, just so I can help others in the same situation as me.
  • I have already planned a trip to Ikea as the first thing when I get to London. Ikea will be the best I can do with a student budget until I will make my own furniture soon.