I have started a new project. mostly because I need to force myself being a bit more creative again. But also because I really feel the need of collecting for this project An instagram of my collection of dappled light hitting walls and floors.

When i was younger, back when we all had just gotten a phone with a camera, in which you could almost see what you had taken a picture of. I was collecting hearts in the nature and made everyone send me picture of the hearts that had naturally appeared in nature. I named the project something very inventively“heart everywhere”. 
It was a fun little hobby to do, but i stopped again after having collected 100 hearts.  Enough of that i just thought of this little project when i looked through my phone and my endless fascination for shadow play.

Next week i will be revising for my english exam and making my personal statement for uni. I have a 10 days off work and will be spending my time at my parents house to not get distracted by house chores and friends. This project will be a part of my portfolio for uni i am sure, I just need to come up with a better way of presenting it than an instagram profil.


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