Me being me and loving making lists have resulted in a lot of lists throughout the years. One of them being a "highlights of the year" which I have done since 2012. This year I wanted to share it with you guys. It is such a nice way of summing up a year in good and bad things that have happened and it is fun to look back on. I recommend you doing it as well whether you want to share it with anyone or just to have for yourself. 

2016 was the year where I…

  • started carpentry school
  • got 2 new tattoos
  • went to Stockholm and Scotland for the first time
  • moved apartment
  • got three new close girlfriends whom I appreciate so much
  • became more spontaneous and careless
  • applied for design university in Denmark
  • decided to study in England instead
  • made my sister cut my hair
  • started my third gap year without wanting to
  • decided to blog again and bought my own domain
  • got way too emotional over Brexit
  • started working in WEEKDAY and learned what real good colleagues are
  • did a road trip through England
  • got me a camera and learned to take proper pictures
  • experienced my sister getting married
  • aced my IELTS English exam
  • had an article written about me and matt in my hometown newspaper
  • bought my first designer bag
  • became unsure about moving to England again
  • had so many friends come stay at ours
  • got my phone stolen
  • talked a lot about cats and dogs and babies
  • was more at ease with myself and my problems