I am Sissel, a half dutch and half danish 21 year old. I am currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark with the love of my life, Matt, who is from Cambridge, UK. We have been living here for a year now. Copenhagen has always been a dream of mine, since I feel at home in every part of this city. Before Copenhagen we lived in London for a year, working and studying.  

I have just finished the first module of furniture carpentry and will now, work until Matt and I will go traveling before we are going back to England to study again. Here I will be studying either product and furniture design or stainable product design. 

I love cooking, designing, taking pictures, using my hands to do something creative and singing. i am humble and harsh to myself and i am a real peoples pleaser.

Here are some pointless but good facts about myself:

  • My full name is Sissel Gram Warringa
  • I have 3 tattoos and 8 piercings
  • I really really want to take my dream education
  • I love the movie Amélie and all the movies of Hayao Miyazaki
  • My favourite foods are ramen and all vegetarian italian 

The content of this blog, is gonna involve all my interests. I have a lot of ideas for cooking and recipes, interior, photography and creative inputs. So you should stay tuned for that! 

Can't wait for the adventure to start and to share all of my outbursts with you!