Since I have been driving around practically almost the whole of Britain I thought a little catch up would do good! I found these questions once on a blog and thought they would be quite useful now. I am thinking about doing these now and then when stuff has happened in my life. Let's see!

Where are you now?
Right now I am home at Matt's mums house near Newcastle, UK. This is our last stop on our roadtrip before we go home again. 

How are you?
I am full and fulfilled right now. Too much food on this trip and so many experiences, people and new places. I am dreading to go back to every day life again also. But at the moment I am really happy! 

What was the last thing you ate?
It was a tomato, mayo and cheese sandwich on the beach near Matt's mums house. Very yummy indeed.

What did you do yesterday?
Yesterday we went around Bath to do a bit of shopping and then had a looong drive all the way from Bath to Newcastle. Up to Matts mum. 

What are your plans for today?
The whole house smells of the roast dinner that is being cooked. We decided to have a roast on a Monday instead of a Sunday since we already had eaten yesterday when we arrived. After dinner, the whole family is gonna play boardgames. Just how a proper summer holiday is spend. 

What are your plans for the weekend?
My big sister is getting married on Saturday, so Friday is gonna be filled with preparations since she is gonna stay at my mums house and we are gonna do her hair and have a lovely night before. Sunday I will be hungover probably, and also be going home to our place in Copenhagen again. 

What was the last thing you bought?
A take away latte for the rest of the car journey yesterday

When are you travelling next?
We are going to Edinburgh on Wednesday, and then home to Denmark again. I don't know when I will be traveling again after this holiday. Preferably London for a weekend.

What is the best thing about this week?
All the amazing places I have been in exactly 7 days. More of that in another blogpost of course! 

Which tv show did you see last?
Since OITNB is done again, I haven't known what to do with my self really, so M and I have started watching Friends again. 

How do you look right now?
Tanned in weird places, such as my feet from my Birkenstocks. Completely without make up 'cause that is what holidays are about! 

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