This year, Matt and I decided to invite my mum and sister to Berlin. But my mother had other plans and therefor we ended up renting a car in the UK to go on a roadtrip. 

We have a few pitstops, including Brighton, Stonehenge, Lyme Regis, Plymouth, Falmouth, St. Ives, Exmoor, Bath and then we are driving up to Matt’s mum and sister, in their new house near Newcastle and together with them we are going to Edinburgh on our last day. Summer for me is about being with family and I sure am gonna do that this holiday!
Right now I am at my parent's place enjoying being home having no responsibilities other than helping here and there! 

We leave on sunday and will have something up on the blog while I am away.
Let me know if you can recommend any specific places to go, when I am around!

See ya!