Last week Matt and I went to Les Gens Heureux to see the solo exhibition with Ana Kraš. Firstly the whole gallery, an apartment in the inner town of Copenhagen, is just stunning! I fell in love right away. And of course this is the kind of apartment you will never in a million years be able to afford. Oh well, I will be dreaming about it, and i was sucking in as much of it as possible for future interior mood boards. The exhibition on the other hand, wasn't what I had expected, I was thinking there would have been more products showing of Ana Kraš' product design, but it was really a mix of everything, which was so nice!

We were just walking around looking at the beautiful drawings of hers, and then after looking in what I thought was all of the rooms, suddenly Ana herself is standing there in the one remaining room.

I was (and am) starstruck! Ana's products were the first to make me rethink my whole education and future job. While I was in London, sniffing to interior design, the lamp "bonbons" popped up on my tumblr feed while sitting on the tube on my way home. And I instantly felt inspired to create something rather than decorating with other people's products. I wanted to make them myself.

So I talked to Ana about all of that. For a good 15minutes, and also about New York. We agreed that Japanese wood joinery is an art and that I definitely should visit New York because I would love it there. She is such a talented, beautiful and kind person and she inspires me even more now!

Then Matt and I left a bit tipsy from one glass of wine, had a hotdog and drove home.

I was so happy that day!

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