pictures from alvhem

Ever since we moved into our current apartment, which is very small and very white, I have been in love with sandy, neutral colours in the whole apartment. I am very in love with this particular apartment shown above. If it was me living there I would be having a pop of bright cooler colours in art on the walls, and some coloured furniture. 

I have recently gone to IKEA, to buy frames and when I got home to put my posters and paintings up on the wall I suddenly didn’t like any of them. So now I am thinking about investing in some new ones to put in the frames!

The only thing about thing about dreaming of sandy colours and new furniture is that it would be such a stupid thing to invest in, when we will be moving to England next year. And maybe even moving into furnished rooms.

Let me know where I can find cheap but really nice posters for my bare walls!! 

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