The seventh day of our roadtrip, we drove all the way from Bath to north of Newcastle, up to Matt's mum and sister. We spent the first day up here at the beach all day finding seashells, playing ball and having a picnic in the sand. 

Second day we went around the little town of Alnwick. Here we went bookshopping in a converted train station that now is one of the largest secondhand bookshops in the UK. Matt's mum loves coming here, which really make sense! 

We decided to have a proper afternoon tea, and went all in, by booking a table in the Alnwick garden's treehouse. It was magical, really!   

 Here are my sister and mum in the garden.

The very last day of the whole roadtrip, we went to Edinburgh, since it is the closest airport to Newcastle. We didn't see much, but it is a beautiful city! 

We stayed at our place in Copehagen for a day before driving back to my parent's house again. 
And that was the end of a bit more than a thousand kilometers of roadtrip!