Last weekend Matt wasn't home so I thought I would invite my sister and mum to come visit.
They would arrive late friday, so I went to meet up with my friends where I got quite tipsy on cheap rosé and expensive beer. I had bought bread and fishcakes for a late night dinner when my sister and mum arrived.
Saturday was filled with shopping (as it always does when sis and mother visits) and dinner at Papirøen where we stayed till very very late talking to all kinds of people and having 5 different meals.
Sunday we cleared out the basement, painted the front door (finally!!!) and went to IKEA to buy a few bits and bobs and after that we went to Charlottenlund Slot (Charlottenlund Palace) to sit and draw in the garden. We were supposed to go to the art museum Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, to draw all the statues, but didn't really have time. The weekend ended with sushi for the belly!!