I have been thinking a lot lately. About the future and about the now. You know what everyone does now and then. It has resulted in more bullet points on my plan. I was talking to my friend about the whole “moving to England again” subject.
To be honest, last time it was a bit of a hassle and that is quite an understatement. I love what the experience has taught me about countries differences and so on. But it has made me fear the experience a bit again. Matt and I are very safe here in Denmark. We have regular and good enough income, a beautiful little apartment and a lot of opportunities. 

If it weren’t for the universities in the UK, I wouldn’t even consider moving again. I have definitely come to terms with that. But the excitement of being a bit unsafe and insecure again is also good for me. I need to push boundaries ‘cause otherwise, I will stay in my safe bubble. That being said, I keep looking for different universities around Europe. And the other day the danish academy of royal arts and design added a new programme to their BA programs. And I fell in love! 

The BA programme is called “Industrial Design and Ceramic Form” and it combines Industrial Design's focus on process, context, form, and function with the experimental and material basis of Ceramic Design. Basically right up my street! 
This means I will both be applying for universities in Denmark and England. I might even apply for ones in Sweden as well. So the likelihood of moving (even out of this apartment) has become a bit smaller. 

Matt is having doubts about going to university. He is debating whether or not going to university will be beneficial to him in his career as a photographer as he already has such good connections, jobs and opportunities here in Copenhagen. 
This means that he also is debating whether he wants to move from here. 

So as if this new year wasn’t filled with uncertainties enough, we have just added a bit more. I say bring on 2017!!!