2017 was the year where I…


Here we are, a new year has started and I am looking back on 2017 with loads of memories! Thank you, for another wonderful year! Seemed like yesterday that I was home celebrating my mums 50th or even just moving in to our apartment even though that was in 2016. I am endlessly grateful to have had so many special people to share the special moments, daily highlights, and life stories with. The friendship, love, kindness, and support that I have received last year, has meant that I have dared to do much more! 

2017 was the year where I…

  • celebrated new year alone with Matt
  • had 2 foot operations
  • handed in my application to universities in the UK
  • went to Lund university and Edinburgh university to look at the courses
  • gave my sister her first tattoo - even matching
  • went to the interview at Kingston University
  • stranded in England because of a storm, ended up in Newcastle with Matt’s mum and sister
  • Got accepted to my dream BA Product & Furniture Design at Kingston University
  • met Erin for the first time and got myself a very close friend
  • worked a ton for WAWA and watched the brand grow
  • celebrated big birthdays and graduation of my sister
  • had a lot of guests and dinner dates in our home
  • spend a lot of time with my family
  • moved to England again
  • started living on my very own
  • got into a long distance relationship again
  • started university
  • got so many new friends
  • became more creative and started woking on projects
  • learned to appreciate every moment and be thankful to the people around me

I cherish each moment of last year and thank everyone for being there for me and with me! 

2018, let’s go!