Last week on thursday Matt and I celebrated 4 years together. We tend to make our anniversary a special day every year, cause we both believe in celebrating love and when you have the stress of the everyday life you can sometimes forget to look each other in the eyes and just be together with out everything beeping and buzzing around you. 

These past 4 years have been hectic and packed with adventures. For me there is no doubt that past events have made us stronger and therefore such a "grown up" couple today. That combined with our endless amounts of silliness I think we have a good foundation to go on for many many years. 4 years is my personal record on the relationship front and it seems like nothing but also a very long time. It has been the easiest thing I have done so far. When other things have crumbled apart in my life, I have always had Matt by my side. Right there holding my hand through it all.

So we celebrated us. Because basically we are awesome and we celebrated good!

We started out with breakfast and what better way is there to begin a fantastic day, than with yummy food! I had seen this recipe somewhere a long time ago and ever since I have wanted to make it. So I made us berry pocket eggy bread from Jamie Oliver's recipe. SO delicious!!  


In the afternoon we went to Arndal spa and had massages for half an hour and enjoyed the jacuzzi, steam-room and sauna. After this, we had the loveliest dinner at Bistro Royal in the city centre. We had never been there before, but it definitely won't be the last time!

Normally we give each other a little present, but I reviled this spa date a couple of weeks before the day because I wanted to be sure Matt was off from work to have time. I thought we would just split the bill and then give this appointment and dinner as a present for each other. But Matt gave me the prettiest necklace as well! It is currently being made and shipped so I can't wait to see it and wear it! I will show it once it comes! 

After a few hours of wine and talking, we ended up going to The Living Room for a couple of drinks, our favourite place for cheap and good cocktails, in a living room kinda atmosphere exactly what the name indicates! And then got kicked out of the place when it closed to then bike home with a belly full of food and alcohol and a heart full of happiness and love. It was exactly as cheesy as it sounds and exactly what life is about! 

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