I was a punk from the age of 12-15 and wore black eye make-up every day in school from the age of 13. Today I still think that I was the best version of me at that age. 

I was born with a blood decease which has caused me at the age of 17 to be admitted to the hospital for 3 months and came out with 2 fewer organs one being my spleen and the other one being my gal balder. I am perfectly fine now but have loads of other little infirmities.

My family is very complicated. My parents are divorced and have been for 16 years, but they live in the same house and share the garden. My dad has a wife and lives in an apartment underneath my mum. It has been like that for 9 years. 
On top of that is my sibling situation. I have 1 biological little sister, then a step little brother from my dad’s wife and her ex-husband and a step big sister from my mum's ex-boyfriend and his ex-wife. All of the add-ons in the family are just as close to me and loved as my biological family! 

I am a control freak and get anxious when I can’t control bigger things in my life. Hence why it is a bit tricky with the whole university in England right now.

When Matt and I first moved in together it was at home with my parents where Matt lived three months before we moved into his mother's flat in England for a month before we moved to London in our first apartment.

Hope you liked this different kind of blog post.
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