With every meal, I have to put something green on the plate. Be it chives on my scrambled eggs or spring onion on my mashed potatoes. I cannot be completely satisfied if I don’t have something green on my plate!

At the age of 10 when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I was absolutely certain that I wanted to be The owner of a Japanese bathhouse. The universe of the movie Spirited Away definitely had a big influence on my dreams! 

After that my next obsession came at the age of 12. Design. When my parents’ monthly interior magazines subscription arrived in the mail, i would run to the postman, grab the magazine and secretly read all of it before my mum and step mum. I remember my step mum and I having a deal that she should read it first cause otherwise I would tell her about all the newest trends. So from the age of 12 I knew I wanted to become a designer.

I love cheese. I Just love every type of cheese there is and I crave it so often! 

When I am with anyone I like and love or like, I will be showing my affection towards the person by hugging them, stroking them and touching them. I am a very touchy person, but obviously, know when other people don’t want to be touched or hugged!