With spring, comes spring cleaning. A week ago I cleaned and tidied the whole flat as well as my wardrobe.
When cleaning I found 10-15 pieces in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for a long time and decided to sell them or give them away to friends, family and charity shops.

I don’t have many clothes and I don't’ buy clothes very often, say once every 3 months or so. This is because I think it is a waste of money to buy a lot of things that only gather dust in the closet. But also if you think about consumerism in general. I believe in a curated lifestyle. Everything I own has to be functional and be used often, otherwise, there is no need for me to have it. Same goes with my wardrobe so I only have items I can mix and match, and when I say mix and match I mean with fabrics, colours and everything. It does help a lot that all of the items I own are black, white, beige/camel, grey or navy. So they're very basic. Some of the clothes I have are old but good quality clothes, which I know I will keep for a long time because they're made properly and from good quality materials.

With a curated wardrobe, you need some good basics and I believe that with accessories, cool shoes or some statement items e.g. a bright red blouse and the right attitude you can rock a basic outfit.

Here are some tips when you are shopping for a wardrobe that will last a long time:

Good quality clothes: 
Go for all the natural materials: Wool, cotton, silk, linen, tencel

Jeans, trousers, t-shirts, blouses, jumpers and dresses 

All the neutrals: black, white, beige/camel, grey and navy. 

Buy secondhand:
You don’t need to spend loads of your own money on a brand new piece of clothing. You can buy secondhand and get the same piece for much less.


After having cleared out the items I didn’t use, I had a look at the rest of my wardrobe to see if I needed some specific things. So here is the list of things I currently need in my spring/summer wardrobe.

  • White long shirt
  • Black long shirt
  • Loose culottes 
  • Beige jeans  
  • Sandals 
  • Nude bralette
  • Pointed chelsea boots
  • Thin black scarf 

This I will have a look at tomorrow, so I will update on what I have bought!