This weekend was spend with Maria. She loved my surprise and was so happy to come! We had ramen at mine the first evening and a failed visit to Finn Juhls house, but ended up going for a canal tour. Then a whole day of shopping (mostly poster shopping) and eating at Papirøen, pre drinks that never became more than drinks, cause we ended up going home at 11pm since I had been up at 5am that morning because of work. We slept in Saturday and went to the botanical garden, walked through Assistens Kirkegården and at 2pm Maria got her first tattoo by the tattoo artist who made my tattoos. We went around the whole of Nørrebro and had durums in the park and went home to the apartment to draw and talk and laugh and look at all the pictures of our past days

We agreed on me coming to stay at hers in London next month when I will be going to open days at Kingston and to have a weekend in November where Maria and her boyfriend will come and see more of Copenhagen and us!