I thought it was time to make another strap for my beloved Mulberry bag. The more straps I think of making the more I love the bag. It is just super classic in it self and depending on which strap there is on, it changes its look completely. 

I have made this strap from a belt with studs this which is a cheap and easy way to do it. With this belt, I only cut off two rings from the end with the rounded tip and the belt buckle and then added the rings. I, of course, had bought the wrong rings that didn't have an "opening" so I had to saw in the rings to be able to open them and add the clasp and then attach them to the belt studs.


All of the straps I have are quite short so I think the next strap to make it an adjustable wide nylon strap, otherwise I am still dreaming about a strap that is smaller in the ends and really wide in the middle, a fur strap, a green leather strap and one with another chain.

P8042164 2.jpg

I now have 4 straps and I have used them all very regularly, none more than the other really. 
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