I have a whole lot of playlists on spotify. But the ones I update regularly is the ones for each season. I have been funny enough to make up genius names for them! 

I have just updated the autumn playlist for this years autumn and am super excited to bike home with this playlist in my ears and the stormy wind in my face (that is normally how it is here in Copenhagen). The playlist is called falling autumn, see what I did there??, and consist of mostly soft electro pop. It is a bit of bon iver’s newest album and of course frank ocean’s blond and many other artists! 

Have a listen, and go tell me about your current favourites. I love to listen to new music! 

By the way, am I the only one who doesn't really like autumn. I mean it is beautiful with the long shadows on the ground all day and that month where the leaves are golden and crisp. But otherwise autumn is quite miserable. Good music and candle light helps me through every year. And loads of good vitamins!