Ever since I bought my Mulberry bag I have been thinking about making different straps for it. Firstly to be able to wear it cross body, but also to be able to change the look of the bag. Now I have finally gotten around to making some, and I plan to make many more. I am dreaming about a strap that is smaller in the ends and really wide on the middle, a fur strap, an adjustable wide nylon strap, one with studs (made from this), one in green and one with another chain. Basically you can make loads of different varieties which is one of the things I love about the detachable strap on the bag. 

The first two straps I have made are both made from this leather belt I bought at my work, Weekday. 

The first thing I wanted to change about the original strap/chain, was the length of it. The only down side to the bag was that it wasn't cross-body. So I added a piece of leather to elongate it.  

The slimmer parts of the belt were used for this part by cutting off the loop to hold the end bit of the belt and then destroying the belt buckle to only have the frame left and make it a "ring" for the clasp to be attached to. Then I bought a round clasp in the same metal as the chain, to make it possible for it to be attached to the ring on the bag itself. Now I can wear it cross body and still wear the beautiful chain. I still want to find another cool chain to attach to the current chain though. 

The other strap is made from the main- and wider part of the belt, which was basically what I had left after cutting the two smaller straps off. The square metal frames in each end were already there so all I did was add the two clasps. I did have to take some things off the clasps, but you are able to buy these simples clasps as it is. 

Now I have 3 different bag straps to chose from and I am planning on making many more. I am endlessly happy about my bag still and this has made me even happier about it!