Yesterday, a feeling of adulthood hit me, while I was filling out 25 pages for my 90.000kr student finance loan. And yet I was sat there with Matt’s stepdad helping me and making sure I didn’t do anything wrong. I have had to send loads of weird attachments in the post with it, and it makes me a bit nervous! Basically, I am nervous about all of the financial sides of this loan and funding and stuff, but It is all getting closer and closer and easier and easier. 

I am starting to look forward to it all slowly! Which makes me more relaxed about my decision. This weekend I was celebrating my mums birthday with a bunch of her friends and our family. And while the most of us wore dressed in crazy 80’s clothes, I had a good serious talks with her wise and supportive friends! And by talking to them about my university decision, I have become more and more excited about going. 

I am quite busy all the time so I don’t have much time to think about it yet, but next week I will be having my foot operation and I will stay at my parent's place on sick leave, then I am sure I will be thinking a lot! 

The feeling of being a proper adult also comes when you start planning your own birthday, make your own cake and celebrate your birthday without your parents. I will be going home so many times this month because of parties, celebrations and operations. So we have decided that I will be celebrated as soon as I am home in South Denmark next weekend and then Matt and I will celebrate on our own, on my actual birthday. To me, birthdays are the day you are a child again, it is YOUR day and it is about celebrating it well. Hopefully, I can be childish and irresponsible this year.

I have always been striving and looking so much forward to becoming an adult, but it definitely isn’t always as fun as I thought