Tomorrow will be my 22nd birthday and I have already been celebrating yesterday! 
I had invited 15-20 people to our humble little home for drinks and snacks, flipped our mattress up against the wall and made the bedroom into a dancefloor, which then was used as limbo room as well! The past couple of days Luna has been staying with us, helping me and making yummy food and preparing the little party. I am not super good at staying calm when having many guests, so Luna was my guardian calming angel! 

I have also been celebrating love, by being a witness to my friends' surprise (for me) wedding, and biked around the city with lilies and high heels in my bike basket. 

Tomorrow Matt has planned everything and I know nothing of what is going to happen. It is very strange to let go of my control, and let Matt surprise me. But he is one of the only people whom I trust completely to do it! 

As soon as I come home next weekend, I will be celebrated once again by my family, I will choose the menu, as you always do in our home, and they will be cooking for me and singing for me. All while I will be having a massive foot and crutches.

Birthdays are the best, and I am always looking forward to being celebrated and to becoming a year older and wiser!