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A sudden self-realisation has popped up and although I have been ill, tugged under the duvet at home, it has nevertheless made an impact on my vision.
The other day I read an article written to the upcoming graduating sixth form students, including my sister and her friends, and I simply couldn't help but laugh out loud. The article sounded like this:

"You have now graduated. The world is your oyster, and you have endless opportunities to get on with your in life, the best possible way....

Get a shitty job abroad. This opportunity is a hybrid between going on The Grand Tour and getting a job at the bottom of the food chain. It's typical because you want to see the world, but you think it's too touristy to drive a moped in the Far East. You want to create a home away from home and become one with the local community.

That is why your father has acquired you a job as a sales assistant in H&M on the outskirts of London, where you can live with your aunt’s brother in law’s friend’s sister.
The advantage is definitely a load of Instagram-worthy moments, just like that you for the rest of your life will lecture everything and everyone with ideas for their London trip, which you from back in that time, have known like the back of your hand.
You will also in inhuman times after claim that Copenhagen is so small and you can’t wait to leave again because you fit much better in Barcelona or New York. The downside is that all of your hard earned money is spent on rent and flights home to your friends.
Besides, your big city life is not much more than a photo on Insta because, in reality, you use two weeks to clean up the store's stockroom, for every Starbucks trip you get. But that, nobody knows at home. For them, you will always be the son of America and they will look at you with admiring eyes when you give up sugar over Denmark's provincialism.”

This is almost spot on what happened in London 3 years ago. And it hit me. That after the actually insane turmoil in London, I have come home with a great self-irony, which I'm really proud of. And of course, as the article says, a pretty good Instagram feed of several "converted warehouse" pictures from our old home in Hackney, which we shared with a drug dealer.

When you after this article have updated your Instagram feed for new posts up to 3-4 times a minute and take yourself in really not having any more to do. Then you should really just stop and put on a series. Instead, I have encountered a lot of wonderful people on the big internet. Some whose amazing positive energy has reached me all the way to the other side of my mobile screen. And have influenced me!

I have suddenly taught myself that I should take myself serious and just show the world. Even though I'm not a size 34, I can show skin and stomach and arms and legs.

I have found out that I'm really the only one in my circle of friends who thinks, that I am not bashful and afraid to show too much of myself because of my size. I actually have friends and family and a boyfriend who thinks I look good. Maybe I should also just show that I think I look good. I've never thought I've been unattractive or something I've just thought I didn’t have to show something that may not be the norm. A pair of hips with extra fat on and some not so thin arms, to my otherwise extremely thin wrists. That it doesn't have to be shown when you can hide it easily.

So now I'm just trying to listen to what my new realisation has taught me. And then there is definitely more positive energy coming from me this way.

Have a good Saturday, beautiful people!