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One of the best things about my hometown and the area around is the amazing charity shops and secondhand shops. They are full of great finds, and then they are super cheap compared to the ones in the bigger cities. 

I have been a bit bored of sitting at home reading books and refreshing my Instagram feed over and over again, so yesterday I went charity shopping. And I found this beautiful and massive oak sideboard for cheap money. I have been looking for a cool sideboard since my granddad passed away, and we sold or gave away all his furniture including a mid-century teak sideboard. I have many fond childhood memories of that sideboard, where all his silver cutlery were, but I have known for a while that I didn't want a mid-century sideboard but something else and there is was, in my home town! 

It measures 2,35 metres and has loads of shelves and drawers and the treatment of the wood is very 80s. The legs aren't the nicest as well as you can see. So I will be sanding the wood down and give it another treatment to keep it light and not yellow. I will also make it some new legs in steel as soon as I start university but haven't decided how far apart the legs should be since it gives the piece of furniture a completely different look depending on which one I choose. 
This project will stretch over a few months, but the sideboard doesn't even fit in our current apartment, so it will be fine having something I can be looking forward to putting into our next home.