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This is a new series I have added to the blog. I each week be sharing my saved Instagram posts here and pick some out to explain why I have saved them. I thought it would be a good insight to what inspires me, but also this might inspiring you and get to know some of the Instagrammers I like. So it is a bit of a mix between everything. I hope you like it! 

Me being the massive organiser that I am, I have of course organised the saved pictures into categories so I can keep on track and get the specific inspiration I need without scrolling. I love this feature. 



Every summer I am super inspired by the tone in tone, same colour but different shade outfits, especially the white and nude colours. So this is just another inspiration to my outfits.

The J39 "Folkestolen" by Børge Mogensen has been my favourite designer chair for a while. So I am dreaming about having a table full of them. They are affordable, as they were designed to be and they are beautifully simple!  

I have a million and one tote bags and love them all but need a leather one, that actually look nice. So I have been saving pictures to be inspired, cause I am thinking about making my own leather one. I am a bit unsure about the colour. Either it should be tan/light leather or black. Maybe I will be making two once. I am inspired by the metal handles and think it could be quite cool to have smaller handles in metal and then a longer detachable leather strap.

Nails aren't something I have been interested in before because I have been biting my nails from a very young age till about 4 years ago. I would very much like to have nails like this done with different colours. Maybe dark red and brown.

As seen in the collections, the last picture is in the category picture inspiration. I need to make more outfit pictures I think and this is a beautiful picture with all the lines. And I wouldn't mind Matt in this outfit either, to be honest. 

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Michele and I are mutual followers and share the same view on the little things. His Instagram is literally about chairs and dishes, as he beautifully writes in Italian. I am in love with the details he captures and post! 


A fellow Tumblr girl, with the most incredible scenes around her. I am amazed every time she posts. Truly inspiring! 


I have talked about Line before, not only her textile work is inspiring, but also her Instagram! I am always looking forward to a new post by her! 

@ _patter

As it is said on the Instagram, Patter is useful recommendations for modern women. And is super inspirational with the endless posts about aesthetically pleasing art, fashion etc. With a website launching February 17th I will definitely use this platform to look up new inspiration and reading materials for work! 
his Instagram should be much more popular in my mind!


I have now sorted out my life on my laptop in all boredom of being home all day every day. I have looked through everything, categorised my pictures on pinterest and deleted loads. 

So I stumbled across a folder of all the beautiful architecture and details of the English houses I saw on my road trip this summer. And I thought why not share them with you?


check out the picture diaries from my road trip here


IKEA will be launching a lot of new products in February, one of them being the new PS 2017 collection which I am looking very much forward to myself. But also a new kitchen, which unlike IKEA before, is something rather extravagant but obviously still quite cheap.

The wood is ash and with my small background in carpentry, it really looks like a wooden surface and not laminate. I am looking forward to seeing this kitchen!

Let us see many IKEA will be launching more exclusive kitchens in the following years. 



Another Christmassy post now that Christmas is just around the corner. I have this year wished for a lot of things! Both small and big wishes. The only things i really need is a new bike helmet and the mittens. I lost my current mittens out of my pocket while biking last week, and the helmet I have now is my sisters helmet, which is too big for me. 

The rest of the wishlist is just things that would be amazing to have and things I always forget to buy myself! 
What are your Christmas wishes?