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1. footstool/ normann copenhagen 2. wire cubes/ verner panton 3. cutlery/ HAY 4. wire light/ Flos 5. glass container/ HAY 6. wall clock/ stelton 7. armchair/ verner panton 8. salt jar/ fermliving

Wishlists always go hand in hand with a new home. We still haven't moved the stuff from Denmark to England yet, but no matter what we still need to buy new things to fill up the space. The sofa we have are so comfy, but with Matt's long legs, it would be nice to have a pouffe/footstool so we could lay down and watch endless series. The armchair I have been dreaming of for a bit and it is actually really cheap for a designer chair and this will be perfect in the space around the sofa tables, where the floor is empty. 
On the pillar close to the windows we need more storage space, so to have 8 of the wire cubes would be the dream! The wire light has been on my wishlist for ages and the high ceilings in the apartment really is perfect for this one!  


In late may I moved from my university halls in Kingston, to a studio flat in Wimbledon with Matt. We finally back together, after many months apart, in our own space in South West London.
The apartment has evening sun, floor too ceiling windows and is located on the 5th floor. When we look out we can see industrial buildings right outside, over the hills there are cute English semidetached houses and when we stick our heads out of the windows and look to the right we can see the London skyline in miniature. 

The apartment is ours as long as we want and has been furnished already, but with me being as picky as I am, I have put most a lot of the furniture down in our storage room (thank god for us having that) and bought some new things. 
We have underfloor heating, which we question whether we will ever use since the apartment is so hot. The floors are solid dark wood and the ceilings are 4 meters tall and made of concrete. 

We have a breakfast bar which is the centre of the apartment, it is where everyone gathers when we cook and make cocktails. The bed is raised 2 meters and underneath is loads of storage space, you can see even further over the landscape from up there. The bathroom is white and we have a rainfall shower which is big enough for two. 

We made a deal once, me and Matt, that we would always upgrade our living space. That every time we would move the new apartment would be better than the other. This is all we dream of right now. We are so happy here and we are together again! 


As I told you in last post, I have been charity shopping. And I have really been spending as little money as possible. Not because I had to, just because charity shopping in my home town is so utterly cheap! 
Since I will be moving into a tiny little room soon, I shouldn't really be buying new stuff but every time I am home at my parent's place, I have to have a look in all the charity shops! 

This time I found these two little beauties. A box made of birch veneer and a little ceramic tray. Both for only 15kr.

stockholm ikea.png

IKEA is launching yet another beautiful collection for the "Stockholm" series, inspired by nature and of course the Scandinavian simplicity! I am loving the ash and walnut wood, the geometric patterns as well the metal as a nice contrast to the softer materials. Also the contrast between the cool and warm colours together. Basically they have done it again! 

The collection is launching tomorrow and you can check the rest of it out HERE


Last Sunday my mum and I decided to drive to Genbyg, Denmarks largest market in used building materials. They specialise in the purchase and resale of recycled materials. So basically you can find everything from doorknobs to massive slabs of marble etc. 

We looked around the market space and found the marble, in the perfect size for the cabinet in the bedroom and bought them super cheap! I can also use the slabs as a flat lay background for log photos. 

P1270136 2.jpg

For a long time, we have needed something to cover the ugly surface of this cabinet in the bedroom. These cabinets are from the kitchen that we took down to get more light and worktop space. So here is my own creation of reused materials, it is super easy, cheap and looks amazing. Especially with the different shades of warm and cold colours in the stone, ceramic and the framed embroidery from my friend. Now I just need some nicer door handles that's all.

I wish we could make many more stores use recycled materials. But maybe we should start with ourselves, and create something from something else.