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2 years ago I moved out of my parents home and into a room in London that I was sharing with Matt. I remember spending so much money in both IKEA and different grocery shops, because we didn’t have any essentials in our cupboards yet.

Matt’s mum very kindly gave us a £50 tesco voucher, but we were so confused about what different things we needed to buy. I couldn’t really find any good lists online of kitchen essentials, so after a while of discussing what food we liked and our favourite herbs and spices, we created a list and went shopping in one of the big tesco’s! 
This list has helped me so much in our move back to Denmark where we started all over again. 

If you are moving out soon or just need to clear out all of your cupboards and start from scratch here is an essential cupboard ingredients list. I have also made a PDF for you to download and have on your phone while you are shopping!


Oils: olive oil, sunflower oil
Vinegars: white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar
Condiments: soy sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, pesto, mustard, chili sauce, fish sauce

Seasoning: salt (fine and flakes), black peppercorns
Herbs: dried oregano, dried bay leaves, dried thyme, dried basil
Spices: dried chillies, whole nutmeg, ground cinnamon, cumin seeds/powder, chilli powder, curry powder, smoked paprika

Flours: plain flour, whole meal/spelt flour, cornflour/cornstarch
Sugars: caster sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, vanilla sugar
Other: cocoa powder, baking powder
Pasta, grains and pulses: dried pasta, dried noodles, couscous, rice
Tins and jars: tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas, tinned cannellini beans
Sweet stuff: oats, honey, syrup, peanut butter, jam, almonds/hazelnuts or mixed nuts, mixed seeds
Other: organic chicken, vegetable and beef stock cubes

Vegetables: peas, green beans
Others: fruits, berries, ready-made-soup


I am sorry for the lack of posts, but I have done everything related to university in England. I am soon done with my personal statement, just need those 4095 characters down to 4000 completely. 
I have been busy with loan applications, portfolio making and revising for my English exam on Saturday.  All my mornings have been looking like the pictures and this breakfast combination is just amazing; skyr, 1 pear chopped in bits and loads of walnuts. I have been getting up early every day to make my mornings slow and relaxed to be energised and ready to work. I thought since I have been such a busy bee, I would make a since we last spoke list again!

  1. where are you now?
    Home at my parent's place, sharing the living room with my sister sitting on the sofa. 
  2. how are you?
    I am good. A bit nervous about the exam, but still positive that I am gonna get good marks. 
  3. what was the last thing you ate?
    I found some really nice salted pumpkin seeds cheap in the grocery store yesterday, so I have been religiously snacking on them all day. 
  4. what did you do yesterday?
    I sat at looking at my screen, writing and writing. Then I needed a break and invited my mum to join me for some charity hunting. 
  5. what are your plans for today?
    I will be eating a lovely roasted chicken, with celeriac, fennel and lemon. Then enjoying the last night with my family before I go home tomorrow.
  6. what are your plans for the weekend?
    On Saturday I have my exam from 08.30-17.30 with a long break in between. Then later on that night I will be meeting all my colleagues for a party. I won't be able to last very long since my back still hurts and I am on painkillers. 
  7. what was the last thing you bought?
    I have bought a lot of new things while being home. I bought two frames and two turtlenecks at the charity shops. then a vase, a couple of prints and some cute scourers.
  8. when are you traveling next?
    Tomorrow I will be leaving for Copenhagen again. Back home to my man. 
  9. what is the best thing about this week?
    Being able to enjoy my family and animals, nature and driving car again. Also being done with all the uni application things! 
  10. which tv show did you see last?
    The Danish bake off
  11. how do you look right now?
    Tired, with no makeup and also covered in cat hairs. Oh to always wear black and have a white cat! 

3 things I’m looking forward to

  • Matt’s birthday next week and celebrating him
  • seeing mine and matts family again 
  • open day at kingston university and seeing maria again next month

3 things I like

  • cheese 
  • when some people are just so elegant
  • shadow play

3 things I don’t like

  • how many painkillers people consume regularly 
  • coriander 
  • when things break

3 things I want to do

  • go to university
  • have kids 
  • a lot of material things

3 things i should do

  • wash the dishes 
  • go have a shower 
  • organise matt’s birthday and present 

3 things i can do

  • cooking delicious food 
  • keep order 
  • sing

3 things I can’t do

  • run
  • bake (only cook) 
  • unorganised things 

3 things I talk about a lot:

  • people in my life and the ones i love 
  • food 
  • how tired i always am 

3 things i want:

  • a new winter coat 
  • a bigger frying pan 
  • posters (loads of them)

3 things that make me calm

  • having a plan 
  • to do lists 
  • graphic patterns and pastel colours

3 things that stress me out

  • unorganised things
  • too many people and loud sounds at once 
  • clutter

3 things I have done this week

  • watched 2 whole seasons of downton abby 
  • been closing the store every day 
  • managed to be alone for 2 days without being freaked out by a spider or a weird sound

Tell me what you are up to this weekend, happy Saturday friends!