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I have done this thing for more than a year, making seasonal playlists. My mood is very affected by the seasons and the weather and I have therefore found it very soothing to have  a playlist for each season. The uplifting new songs for spring and the mellow and calm songs for winter. 
That is very much what this playlist is full of. Calm, electronic and perfect to listen to while making models for uni projects. 

Winter will change my, otherwise very extatic and energetic mood much more mellow and calm. I need vitamins and sun and warmth. So the music helps me get through the winter! 

Here's the playlist: 


A whole year has gone since I posted the first playlist on here. A lot of things has happened and this time the playlist is full of sentimental and calm songs for me to dwell my feelings in and to calm down to while I move.

I imagine having unpacked my tiny little room with all of my stuff from me and Matt’s place and all the new things from Ikea and listen to the playlist while I make myself as much home in my home. Or biking to work or school through my new neighbourhood with the music blasting in my ears! 

Anyway here is the playlist, make sure to have a look at the other published playlists I have got as well! 


It has literally been sunny and 20+ degrees for over a week now, and now there are only a few days to June. Which marks the real summer and of course me sharing this seasonal playlist. 
My summer is gonna be partly at home relaxing at my parents after my second foot operation and partly working as much as I can. But I can just imagine the light summer evenings driving around with my little sister listening to loud music and sunny days off work having a beer with my colleagues and friends. Biking around Copenhagen inhaling as much as I can of my favourite city and then hopefully a little holiday with Matt before I leave. All with this playlist on repeat. 

I love summer so much, my heart could burst. Everything is just more fantastic with warm weather and light long days. 

Have a listen underneath. The playlist is filled with electro and soft tunes. I think I will be adding some more sing-along songs for the summer drives!


The last days have felt so much like spring. Milder weather, not much rain and the sunshine casting different, longer shadows on every surface it hits. 
Spring is my favourite season, it makes me nostalgic, better at ease and also super excited for warmer, longer and sunnier days. Only good things will come ahead. And that is what a future fanatic planner likes!
The world seems a new and everything is just fresh and awakens from its hibernation. I just love spring, it makes me fall in love all over again with my city, the people in my life and my life in general! 

My spring playlist every year is filled with happy a bit upbeat songs and this time there are songs from one of my friends from work, new founds songs and just songs that make me bubbly inside! 
That is why I have called the playlist “foolish spring”. you just become a bit more reckless, spontaneous and foolish in the spring. 

Have a listen to it here 


It is time for the seasonal spotify playlist again. This time “woolen winter” - basically I delete the whole playlist from last year and start anew. So these are the new songs that I will listen to on repeat this winter. Because the proper winter has just begun here in Denmark. 

A mix between something English and Swedish songs from SKAM, ‘cause I only got along on this waggon this winter. Also a song from my dear two friends, whom I have known for many years. Of course Noah Cyrus and the newest release from London Grammar. 
So there is a mix of everything this winter

Have a listen! 

Also, there has been as much snow as you can see in the picture. I am looking forward to seeing whether there will come more. Denmark is after all quite cold but we dont' tend to get very much snow anymore. Damn globalwarming...