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I haven't been posting about my week for so long. I have been too busy with work that I haven't taken many pictures and since my operation I have literally not done very much before I came home to my parents. So here we go 

Look at this view! I am so in love with this view. I have been way too used to this view when I lived at home but now every time I visit I fall in love again and can appreciate it! 
So I have been sitting on the balcony with my foot raised enjoying reading and listening to audiobooks as well. Just trying to relax as much as I can!


I keep forgetting that when you are inside you can have direct sunlight, it is just our apartment that doesn't have much direct sunlight. So with every shadowplay, there is in my mum's house, I either take a picture of a selfie. I have also been experimenting with my make-up lately. Going for the dewy and highlighted skin since it is summer and different lipsticks colours! 

I have been celebrating my sister big time and sent her away to her first ever festival to celebrate her newfound freedom. And I have enjoyed both bought and homemade ice coffees with my mum and Matt in the sun. 


I have been admiring my little home extra much last week as well as my old charity find of a jacket. Matt actually fits it so I gave it to him a couple of year ago, but I have been stealing it back.

My Wednesday was spent with my old friend from secondary school. It was as it always is, a blast. And then I said goodbye to my beloved Erin, who is now back in Kentucky (I tell myself it is only for a while until she moves back to Denmark again, just like me). This was celebrated with ramen and beer and loads of giggles. I love that gal and I am already missing her so much! 


You guys have been so supportive of my university decision and I will make sure to make as many blog posts as possible about the move and long distance relationship and everything that come with this hard decision i have taken! 


In the weekend I was home at my parent's place and it was sunny and beautiful and full of love and animals. I cannot wait to go back in June with my massive operated foot and just relax for a month and enjoy the company of my beloved family before I move to London again! 

Sorry for the late post of this edit I thought it was necessary to share my news on university instead. The next couple of months will be uni heavy and you will hear a lot about all the things that come with it. I have already prepared some blog post about it. 
Let me know if you have any questions and things you want me to write about!


I have been shopping this week, for the first time this year, and I have found so pretty good things! I need to find a way to show you guys the things I have bought though. 


I have had my second to last day with Erin before she goes back to the states. This day was filled with student exhibitions, free alcohol, a lot of other Americans and ice cream from istid! 


I have been working all weekend and after work, spending time outside. Saturday Matt decided to have a picnic at the lakes with some red wine. Sunday Amalie and I went for burgers at Jagger, I had the gluten free fried chicken burger and then we went for a beer outside and to the cinema to watch the Japanese Anime "Your Name". It was so good! 

It's been a good week and super busy week! 


My days off started Wednesday with a photoshoot of this designer lamp in our apartment. While I was making myself some gluten free crackers from this recipe. 

Thursday was spent with Luna just following her around doing chores and ending up in her friend's apartment eating Thai boxes and drinking Mateus rosé and gin&tonics. We ended up really drunk, singing super loud in the street from bar to falafel bar and woke up the morning after super hungover. 

I came home from Luna's place in the afternoon and did some yoga, this has been the first in a year and I have done it ever since now. I am so in love with yoga! 

Saturday I had gluten free brunch at Social coffee (so cheap and yummy) with Erin and then went snowsuit shopping for the niece and nephew. We looked in shops and I completely fell in love with this jacket from Wood Wood Museum. Beige with blue hems and a bit of frill going on. Wow.
Erin and Andrea ended up cooking for me and just had such a nice evening and night with mugs of red wine  


I went grocery shopping in my beloved Dune London boots and felt a bit too dressed up and noisy with the clacking boots on a Tuesday morning at 8 am. Also, the shelves were completely empty after the easter holidays. 

I have been loving the home knitted kitchen cloths my mum has knitted me.

Sunny weather calls for sunglasses and selfies. But it has been so cold here and the completely homemade ramen was amazing. The best thing ever! 

And I have been celebrating our anniversary with spa, dinner and drinks with Matt!  

In the weekend I have been working and after work enjoyed beer in the sun with my friends at Thorvaldsens Museum