I have been longing for new posters for such a long time now, so when I was home at my parent's house my mum, sister and I painted, drew and cut out new artwork. I also got some of Matt's photographs printed out. 

All of the black and white paintings are by my mum, the graphic drawing in the wooden frame is a cut out from a magazine. The patterned artwork is a Marimekko wallpaper, that I have cut to fit. The cluster of posters that haven't been hung up yet is (from left to right) Mast brothers poster from London, String poster from Stockholm furniture and light fair, artwork by my mum. 

I also went charity shopping, as I always do when I go home since it is so much cheaper in the countryside. Here I found the big black frame above the sofa, the two oak frames with the photographs in and the dotted vase. I also found two super soft cotton turtleneck jumpers.


By being a bit creative with some paint and cut-outs and charity finds, you can make some expensive and very pretty looking posters but for almost no money. Go get creative!