There is no way I can hide my fascination for neutral and light apartments! I need to have some sort of white in any room I live in. I am also quite scared of colours, unfortunately. I secretly hope I will wake up one day and love all colours, but I don't know whether it will happen. I can appreciate good colour combinations, but I am way too scared to use them myself. 

This apartment is like my own in that it's very light. The use of graphic illustrations on the walls and very streamlined and sharp furniture makes it very Scandinavian. The neutral colours and the different kinds of wood, the mix between old and new, the textures and decorations make it personal. Even though the only colour in the apartment is hidden in a closet, I feel the warmth of the wood, which makes the home cosy and homely.

Also one of the things I love the most about the apartment is the ceramic around. Especially the "hand" candle holder called lucifer designed by Qubus. I will be wishing for that for christmas! 

I believe you can live without many colours without making your home feel sterile and clinical. 
A good way of doing that is by for example adding different types of wooden furniture, plants and lots of warm textiles! 

pictures from kvarteret mäkleri