Happy 1st of December guys! 

In Denmark, there are a lot of traditions at Christmas. The Christmas light, you light every day until Christmas. You have to burn the number of the day so it is completely gone! Then there is Advent which is the four Sundays before Christmas. The first Sunday of Advent you turn on the first light, the second Sunday the second light, and so forth. We save the first three light so that we can have all four lights on when it is the last and fourth Sunday of Advent.

I have been planning this post for a bit to show you the decorations in the apartment this year. All of them have some kind of DIY to them! 
As you can see, there is a lot of paper going on. A cheap and good way of creating ornaments! We don't have the space for a Christmas tree and also we aren't home to celebrate Christmas, so we thought we would skip it. 

The small paper stars and the wooden ornaments I made last year so I used these again, but this time hung them on some branches I found in the park near our apartment. The Swedish Dala horses I drew and cut out from paper and hung them on a white cotton thread. It is hung over the radiator under the window sill, which makes it spin around. 
I thought the advent candle holder, was so pretty and simple with its thin metal base so I had to buy it. 


I hope this gives you some inspiration if you haven't done any decoration yet and also makes you super excited for Christmas! 
There will be more Christmas posts through this month so stay tuned!