similar hoop earrings here / similar signet ring here / similar flat ring here / similar necklace here / similar watch here

One of my characteristics is the jewellery I am wearing every day. I will sleep, eat and cook with all these on. The hoops, I never take out, not even when I have a shower. 
Sometimes I change my rings or rearrange the hoops. I like mixing the different sizes of hoops, so it looks a bit edgy (haha I am really not edgy but hey ho) and then I have my nose piercing as well. 

Most of my jewellery I have found in charity shops or flea markets which are a good way of finding sterling silver jewellery for cheap money. The Skagen watch was a gift from my mum and sister on my 20 year birthday. 

If you want to have a look on how I style my jewellery I will do a follow-up blog post!