photos by @danieljohnnolan @anqiii27 @pei_0623

photos by @danieljohnnolan @anqiii27 @pei_0623

Thursday evening while I was sat on the coach to Newcastle with no wifi, I received an email. This email I wouldn’t open until I came home to Matt's mum's house. I knew it was important so I couldn’t wait till the morning. So I opened it, and it said:

Dear Sissel,


After careful consideration of your application to study at Kingston University, we are delighted to make you a conditional offer on BA (Hons) Product & Furniture Design for the 2017/8 year of entry to be taught at the Knights Park campus.

24 hours after my interview, I was accepted to the BA I have been dreaming of since I was 14 years old. And even at the 2nd best university for this course in the whole of Europe. 

Basically, I am torn. I have no idea what I will be doing with my future. The course at Kingston is my dream course, but moving to London again and being away from my boyfriend for 3 years, getting in debt, losing a permanent home in Copenhagen and living a life I did 3 years ago aren’t things that sound very appealing to me. So I am trying to find other university courses that would ease my lifestyle compared to the one in London. I am looking for a course that is the right balance between making my life as easy as possible and getting the right education. So, in other words, I will be going to Edinburgh University of arts on Monday to look at the school and apply there as well. This course and then the course in Lund, Sweden. Even though I have found my dream education.

So there are a ton of things to be thinking and talking about and so many things to be discussing right now.