The time is creeping up on me and I have been feeling down in the dump for a bit due to the fact that I will be moving soon. In fact, there are only 49 days left of me living with Matt.

I need to embrace the fact that I will be living alone. For the very first time ever. Of course, I will have housemates, but not as close housemates as my beloved boyfriend. So as soon as I have done sobbing, crying, screaming and have come over the massive break down of moving away from the love of my life I will start doing the things that I love and need. It is time to be a bit more selfish! 

I will be eating only vegetarian and glutenfree and loads of cheese. In fact I will have at least 3 different kinds of cheese in the fridge at all times! It isn’t because of Matt that I am eating gluten and meat, but he likes both so much and I like cooking stuff that he loves. But this is gonna change when I move and I think my stomach and the rest of my body will thank me.

Devote my time to be more with my friends. Since I can’t be with Matt all the time, I will be wanting and needing to be with others. I am a social kind of person and need to be surrounded by others most of my time. I will also of course be spending endless of hours either waiting to talk to Matt or counting the days till I see him again.

Have a tidy room. I say it is me as well, but it is mostly matt to untidy the house. He will obviously disagree, but I am of course right. I can’t wait to have my own clutter instead of his

i have to spoil myself and give myself time to do my routines in order to make myself calm and less upset. And I need to give myself time to be alone, because: “being alone isn’t a bad thing, Sissel”.