this is the first weekend I have had time to think about anything else other than a long to-do list of stuff I needed to sort out regarding moving or school. 

I am sat in my bed, the bed I had no idea how felt 3 weeks ago when I still lived in Denmark. The bed feels comfortable and so does my new room and my new home. I feel at home in my tiny room in my shared student accommodation flat. What seemed so scary before hasn’t been scary at all. But of course, I have redecorated it so it now suits my need of neutral colours. The past three weeks have been crazy! I have met so many new and amazing people even gotten myself some amazing acquaintances I can call my friends. The university has started and I am right in my element! I have even seen Matt twice since I moved and will see him soon again and I haven’t even felt sad either. 

I need to get into a routine before I can start making regular blog posts again though. Everything is still very sporadically and spontaneous but I just wanted to check in and tell you I am happy!