pictures by  Matt Marsh

pictures by Matt Marsh

Since we are so close to Christmas now, and you might have bought the last presents. It is now time to wrap them all up.

I love wrapping up presents! it is fiddly and you can be all creative! 

This year's presents don’t look that much different than last years. I am all about recycling and using everything up before buying something new. So the wrapping this year is basically a mix of all the things I had laying around in the flat. 

Brown paper, an old poster that I have made into small cards, stickers that I have written on with a white pen, light blue and white fabric ribbon, black ribbon and black and white thread. 

I do think I might have to buy some more wrapping paper since there are a lot of presents this year! I am thinking about jazzing it up a bit with some green wrapping paper. I know. Risky move of mine! 

Good luck wrapping!!!