dream of.jpeg

1. kitchen roll holder/ fermliving 2. knit jumper/ H&M 3. plate/ IKEA 4. plate bowl/ IKEA 5. trousers/ H&M 6. white sneakers/ &otherstories 7. pointed boots/ &otherstories 8. glass nesting tables/ Biva 9. tiny bowls/ Stelton 10. knit jumper/ H&M 11. denim jacket/ WEEKDAY 12. drinking glass/ Iittala 

Of course, you wish for the most when you have the least money. In fact, these are only 12 of the many things I am wishing for right now. The boots have been on my wishlist for almost 2 years now, yet I haven't got around to buying them. Also, the drinking glasses are a necessity since we have broken almost all of our current once and I am super tired of our plates so an update on those would be good as well. 

If we are staying in Denmark, then there are so many things I would like to update in the flat. Mostly in the living room, but also in the bedroom and bathroom. We need more storage and a bit more space. With the coffee tables being smaller than the one we have now and also in clear glass, they will make our living room seem bigger! 

The clothes are just a nice to have and definitely not need to have, but I almost never buy clothes for myself. Which is a bit ironic since I work in a clothes store. I tell really don't need much and I hate having something I never use. I should really just call myself a minimalist! 

If you are interested in seeing what I wish to update in the different rooms, let me know. Have are great Saturday!