picture from tumblr // cobalt blue drawing - blue lines by Kevin Lucbert // qatar national museum // subtle grey-green cabinets  by Frederik Vercruysse


This week is so very busy! I have been celebrating my mans birthday yesterday and it was so succesfull. I planned a whole afternoon for us to have a mini adventure. I gave him a portable speaker for us to listen to music while walking around, a filmroll, his old analog camera and a dice. And then the whole day we followed the lead of the dice and took pictures of pretty things everywhere we walked. Only stopping to fill our tummies with yummy food and rest our feet a bit!

I gave him this, because our relationship started with music and film photography and because Matt is so longing to take pictures for fun again and not only professionally and for others! 

I am picking up the developed pictures today, and we are both very excited to see how they turned out. So I will follow up with a post of the pictures later this week!