Another week, another another post of instagram saves. As an anniversary present I was given a beautiful monstera necklace by Matt it was handmade by the lovely girl from the instragram profile above. She makes both necklaces and earrings. I have been thinking about getting the outline of a monstera leaf as a tattoo, and I think this type of outline with only half a leaf, would be different even for the very mainstream motive of the leaf anyway.  

The video of this picnic blanket coming to life made me fall in love with the simplicity of this product. It is just a genius idea! I think I have to make this tote bag myself once!

Right now I am in process of making a new tattoo, I have a few ideas for this tattoo and am completely in love with Alexandra's style. I have been emailing her to come up with the final drawing. This motive is something I would like to combine with a square and make it a bit more simplistic like the drawing underneath. I am especially in love with the black circle in combination with the plant.

white big copy 2.jpg


The other tattoo here is by the same tattoo artist, and the square and simplicity of this drawing is also really nice. I have the exact tattoo in my head, and I really hope I can get it soon!

Even though I am moving soon, I am always dreaming and planning. Right now my dream is to have a 'doer upper' apartment and a really nice kitchen. This kind of kitchen island is just the dream, the marble that continues down the side and the massive drawers! To be fair, the rest of the room is dreamy as well, and I definitely won't mind finding an old factory to make our home once I come back from England! I have my eyes on a place Frederiksberg already!

My old colleague from COS is a stylist, textile and fashion designer and I am loving her drawings so much! All kinds of drawings make me think of tattoos, and the way Lovisa is using the dots, fineline and filled in motives makes my skin scream for more tattoos like this. Also the plant on this drawing is an inspiration for the plant tattoo. 

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