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A lot of things have happened since I last opened up my heart here. I have become closer to the people in my life and enjoyed my own company. In November I started on a diet and began swimming. Surprisingly it turns out I do enjoy some sport after all and that I am actually quite good at it as well! My current best swim is 1,2km in 38 minutes. This, and the diet have helped me to lose 6kg so far! I am very proud of myself for these achievements and can’t wait to be more comfortable in my body! I can feel that I get a bit more confident every day!

In mid-December I had a bike crash due to frozen breaks. My trusty second-hand bike, Ruth, let me down and it resulted in an evening well spent at the hospital as well as a very bruised leg, face and eye, a small head injury and a bruised spine. I spent a week in bed sleeping all the time and then headed home to Denmark to be taken care of over Christmas. Living alone isn’t always nice when stuff like this happens but luckily I had help from my friends.

A week before this, my sister came to visit me for the first time and fell in love with the graphics BA at Kingston University. So she decided to apply and will be hearing back soon. Matt has also been applying for universities in the UK as well as Mie’s boyfriend. It could end up with everyone in London soon. Exciting times are ahead. I am so very proud of them all!

Uni has been going on for a couple of weeks now and it is very interesting to be working on my own. A lot more pressure is on me now. Pressure from myself really. I will admit it hasn’t been easy all the time. I will share more of the project when I am done with the design phase this week. I have already planned a few posts and will be publishing them soon.

Hope all is well and that you are happy!
Love from me