A lot of things have happened since we last spoke. On Tuesday I got to London, had loads of fun with Maria by looking around Kingston and the University, eating out and then went to Maria's house to make myself mentally ready for the interview the day after.

My interview was at 2 pm, which meant I could go to the library and use the printers to make my portfolio since I couldn’t bring it on the plane. I was finished printing and cutting, sticking and glueing the portfolio 20 minutes before the interview and at this point hadn’t had any water or food yet. I was way too busy!

The interview went well I think, the head of the course was the interviewer and I found it super hard to read him. It could have gone good or bad I would have had no idea. After that, Maria and I went shopping and home to cook. Basically, that was all we did apart from enjoying each others company and then I had to go home early on Thursday morning.

In the morning I was on my way from Kingston to London, and the trains were delayed by 10 minutes. When I finally hit St. Pancras after a couple of tube changes I was informed every train to Luton was either delayed or cancelled. This was all due to the storm Doris and this made me miss my plane to Copenhagen.
I called Ryanair to book another plane ticket, and they told me to book it at Luton Airport before 12 pm. So off I went on the next train that could get me somewhat closer to Luton airport, this train was going to Cambridge and I would have to change somewhere in between.
I knew I wasn’t going to remember all of this information so I followed this Welsh couple to Welwyn Garden City where the bus to Luton would leave from. It didn’t depart until 1,5 hours later so the couple booked an uber and invited me to go with them to Luton which ended up being free because they didn’t have time for me to transfer them money.
I got to the airport 5 minutes after my plane had departed. I literally saw it take off. At Ryanair, they needed £180 from me for a deposit on a standby seat on the next flight, there was already 7 ahead of me in the queue and the next plane to Copenhagen would be today, Saturday.
So to spend the least money on going home, I would be going on a coach to Newcastle where Matt’s mum and sister live. I would have to go back to London again though to take the coach from Victoria station.
So after only 30 minutes in Luton, off I was again in an uber shared with 3 Danes towards London for the second time. This only ended up costing me £9! I got to London 1 hour before the bus went so this time I had plenty of time to buy some food and coffee to prepare myself for the 7,5 hours bus journey.
The bus ended up picking us up 45 minutes after departure and it took us 4 hours getting out of London instead of 1 hour. This plus a break for 45 minutes made us 5 hours late and made me arrive in Newcastle at 2 am after having travelled almost the whole of the UK from 8 am. And there was no wifi on this bus either.

So 18,5 hours later, after planning to go home to Copenhagen I arrived at my boyfriend's mums place in Newcastle instead. All because of a little wind that was made to a storm called Doris.

Now I am not going home until Wednesday and will be leaving from Edinburgh instead.