One thing is sure, I aim to have everything I own to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Even when I am cooking, which I do as often as I can because I love it so much. That being said, they need to be functional as well. Good design is only good if it looks good and does what it is designed for well. If it hadn’t been because of lacking space in my kitchen, I would have drawers that looked neat and tight at all times. I know it might almost seem like a disease, but I truly think that if the objects you use are functional and pretty at the same time, then you become even happier when using them. 

Anyway, I wanted to share my favourite kitchen utensils with you, they are cheap, good quality and pretty. What more can you ask for?

I always make my porridge with this one. I love that you can use it just as a spoon, but be able to scrape all of the content out of your pots, pans or bowls when using it because it is made of silicone. So satisfying!  

Egg cracker 
My dad has always cut his egg, when we were having soft-boiled eggs at home. When I found this utensil, my heart sang. Such an easy way of cutting the top of the egg with just a drop of a ball. 

Cheese slicer
I love cheese and this is a Danish invention even the original brand, which is the perfect device to slice your cheeses with, especially the semi-soft danish cheeses. With really hard cheeses I would use a knife instead though.

Baking brush
In silicone to make it easier to wash up, but also cute in the greenish colour not like everything else out there in neon colours. 

This is just so much easier than the old fashioned carrot/potato peeler. It takes no time to peel anything

The best grater for anything, be it zests, cheese or nutmeg. I am thinking about getting more of these, especially an extra coarse grater 

This little fella is ideal for dressings. I don't have shaker right at the moment, but pour all your ingredients for your dressing in a bowl and whisk whisk whisk! 


grater  124 DKK

124 DKK

spatula 21 DKK

21 DKK

egg cracker 77 DKK

egg cracker
77 DKK

cheese slicer 49,95 DKK

cheese slicer
49,95 DKK

whisk 23,50 DKK  

23,50 DKK

peeler  8 DKK


baking brush 21 DKK

baking brush
21 DKK