I have been listening to a lot of podcasts this year. I watch a lot of youtube videos, but when I am having to do chores where I need to look at the things I do, the best thing is to listen to some podcasts! I am not super good at being home alone and I feel like as long I can listen to music or people talking, I feel safe! 

I listen to my podcasts when I am biking to and back from work every day now and also in the shower, basically whenever I can! 

These are my favourite English podcasts: 



Of course, everyone has both heard about this and listened to the whole podcast already. But I needed to throw it in here since this was the podcast that made me hooked on podcasts. While standing sanding wood during my carpentry course. 

I listened to both seasons of this. The first about the high school girl Hae Min Lee that was killed and the ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed who get arrested for her murder. And the whole problematic of him saying he is innocent but can’t remember exactly what he was doing that day!




In the Dark

Another crime podcast about the disappearing of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling and how it has taken 27 years to solve the crime. You follow the people who have been touched by this, his family and people who have been of interest in the whole case.
If you liked Serial, you would love this podcast as well!



The Mystery Show

A more light weight show, where host Starlee Kine tries to solve the every day mysteries of her friends. The structure of the podcast is a lot like serial and in the dark, with a problematic and the host trying to solve the problem, but this has a humoristic touch!

Also one of the episodes is about Jake Gyllenhaal’s height, and the host end up talking to Jake himself about this!




My Dad Wrote A Porno

This is definitely the funniest one of them all. I am still listening to this one, as there are 2 seasons so far of it. It is what the title says, a podcast about a son and his father's porno book. I have had SO many weird looks when I have been biking and literally laughing out loud because of this podcast. 

Basically, Jamie Morton decided, after finding out his dad has written a porno book, to share it with everyone. Him and his two friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine reads the book and comments along the way and strip the whole sexiness (if there were any) off of the book by questioning everything his dad has wrote! 



Go listen to all of these and tell me what you think of them!