After a few requests to do a blog post about my tattoos, I have finally come around to do it knowing I will be adding more soon though.
But for now, this is it. 

These were the second tattoos I got at the same time. The two lines represent me and my little sister and our strong bond. Recently she got them tattooed as well. I knew I wanted something with lines since I really like the simplicity of them. 

The hand was created by my mum after an evening of doodling. I really like hands which I think has got something to do with me constantly needing to touch things. I always have something fidgety in my hands or make sure to have physically contact with everyone around me. Physically contact is very important to me, it shows is the way I show affection! 
The posture of the hand is made to resemble the posture of my granddad's hand when he would comfort us as kids when we were sad. So the hand suddenly became a mix between a part of me and a memory of my granddad who has passed away. 

Both these tattoos are made by the amazingly talented Emilie Maj, when she was quite new to the whole shebang of tattooing! 

This was my very first tattoo, which I got summer 2014. It needed to have to mean something and since I just came out of my depression I wanted it to make me stop op and think every time I would look at it. It is a symbol for a phrase a friend of the family has always said to me. The line between the dots symbolises a bridge/path and each dot symbolises either full/empty, black/white, being positive/negative, happy/sad etc. The line changes it’s length when I stretch or bend my arm, so it fits the quote that I was given "The length of the bridge is self-chosen".