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For years on end, I have been looking for the perfect black leather bag with silver hardware. This has resulted in several bags but all in very bad quality and some of them faux leather. I am a big sucker for good quality and when I 2 weeks ago was strolling around in the department store Illum, I saw this bad boy I was completely sold! After that every time I would finish work early, I would go have a look at the bag, try it on and with a big sigh put it back on the shelf again. This would happen about 6 times, so I became good friends with the sales advisor and she told me I at least should come on Black Friday to see whether it was on sale or not. 

Friday I went. I said hello to the sales advisor and she smiled and said "it is reduced 25% today" and I had to do it. With my heart in my throat I paid for this beauty of a bag and now it is mine! I have never done anything like this before so it is a very special feeling to now own it!

Mulberry has never caught my eye before, I have seen it as an "older women" brand but their new DNA is edgy and appeals to a completely different younger and more daring audience. The bag has a really good size. It is small but has 3 compartments as the famous trio bag from Celine and then the strap can be removed, so that the strap length can be changed and the look of the bag can be different. Perfect for an everlasting investment piece!