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Welcome to my new blog and new domain! 
I have for a long while wanted to do this, to make this a real thing. So I have now sat down for many hours to make this website myself! 

I thought it was time for me to get a bit personal, so you know who really is sitting behind the screen writing down all these words. 

For me this is a start of my somewhat professional career. I have a plan on using this platform as a part of my portfolio for uni but also for future costumers or companies who wants to hire me. I do understand that being professional and personal doesn't go hand in hand very often. But I will try and make this an exception! 

These past months I have been thinking a lot about my future. It definitely has something to do with me constantly having to think about university, and who to talk to about what and what not. But last week I was also contacted by my friend who is writing articles for the newspaper in my home town. She wanted to make an article about me and Matt and our past and future. Basically our adventures together. And we got asked very interesting questions that I haven’t thought about for a while. Normally I am not good at hiding thoughts away, but these days I am too concerned and scared about the uncertainty of my future. I am not good with not having plans about my future, be it tomorrows plans, next weeks plans or next years plans. If i have a plan I feel safe and then I can use it as a path, but I can always chose a different path on the road if it looks more interesting. That is really how I live my life. 

So in all this uncertainty about the future, I wanted to make something I am very certain about. And that is why I now have a domain and a pretty blog to show the whole world. 

Welcome again, I hope you welcome me and like what you see! 
Don’t hesitate telling me your thoughts about the new layout or any thought really! 

Much love!