I am always on the look for new jewellery, some to replace the things I have grown tired of and other just to add to my growing collection.

I have been a bit tired of one of my rings for a while and have been searching everywhere for a new one. Normally I find my rings at antiques and charity shops and this new ring was no exception. I found the folded sterling silver ring at a local flea market. The lady was super weird and the ring was a bit broken, so I got it for almost nothing. The pendant is made by the amazing Lea Hoyer and the texture made from moulding silver in water is amazing. I am very inspired by it! 

Also, I have a new hairstyle, Zofia my friend who has been on holiday at my parent's house, cut my hair in the bathroom. I am really loving it and for the first time in so long, I am wearing my hair down now. Such a nice summer style!