Last Sunday my mum and I decided to drive to Genbyg, Denmarks largest market in used building materials. They specialise in the purchase and resale of recycled materials. So basically you can find everything from doorknobs to massive slabs of marble etc. 

We looked around the market space and found the marble, in the perfect size for the cabinet in the bedroom and bought them super cheap! I can also use the slabs as a flat lay background for log photos. 

P1270136 2.jpg

For a long time, we have needed something to cover the ugly surface of this cabinet in the bedroom. These cabinets are from the kitchen that we took down to get more light and worktop space. So here is my own creation of reused materials, it is super easy, cheap and looks amazing. Especially with the different shades of warm and cold colours in the stone, ceramic and the framed embroidery from my friend. Now I just need some nicer door handles that's all.

I wish we could make many more stores use recycled materials. But maybe we should start with ourselves, and create something from something else.