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These days are filled with spontaneous meetings with friends. a quick stop by around their apartment, a coffee before work, a beer and a slice of pizza or a burger after work. Today my sick leave starts, and I will be away for 1 month. 

The days are moving so quickly. Every time i bike home from a lovely day with people I enjoy spending my time with, i think about how close i am getting to the day i will leave this city and my adult life here, my close friends, the independence i have here and my rock, Matt. 

I am freaking out every other day and the rest of the days I am getting more excited about the new chapter. 

I am not posting a lot because i am trying to absorb as much of this life i have right now, as possible. The days are to short and I have too much to think about. i remember thinking that it was gonna be my birthday and then shortly after that I could start applying for the student loans and then i would have my operation and go home to my parents, and this is right now. it is this week. Then I will be back to work for 1,5 month and then I will be moving.

I keep saying “when i move out from home” just like when i was a teenager moving out of my parents place. I feel like i am leaving my adult life to become a teenager for 3 years again, and then move home to become an adult again. oh man, I am feeling all the feelings these days and I don’t have enough time to live this life that i love, before i start my new life.